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  • 23 May 2021 3:50 PM
    Message # 10540658

    I have been a member for several years.  Only a paddler, not a sailor, so I know that makes me a second class member, but, on more than one occasion I have gone to the club to find the code I have been provided is incorrect.  So after loading up my boat and gear and driving 23 kms, I have no way of getting into the club to use the facilities I've paid for or access my property that I have stored there.  The real frustrating part is that there is no effective way to contact any of the executive to resolve this.  Email appears to be the only way to try to contact the executive and I have never received a response in less than 5 days.  Not very useful when your standing at the gate with no way to get in.  Please don't respond with, "are you sure you know how to use the locks?.  As I said, I've been a member for years, I've helped countless new members figure out the awkward locks the executive chooses to use and each time this has happened before, the response I eventually get from the executive confirmed that it was their error that caused the wrong code problem.  Can we not get a more responsive executive to us fee paying members?

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